If you are looking for a 355 and are UK based, then I may be able to help you.  I am now offering an inspection service which is charged at an hourly rate. If you are interested in using this service, then please contact me for further details. You can use the "Contact us" form on the website, or you can e-mail me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A typical inspection takes around 3 hours and covers a full visual inspection across the entire vehicle including bodywork, wheels & tyres, bootspace, interior, engine compartment, underside, suspension, engine, engine cradle, chassis, fluids and fluid levels. The entire vehicle is covered in as much detail as possible (depending upon access). I will also check the running engine both cold and through the warm-up cycle, and test drive it (where allowed).

You will receive a written report after the inspection (usually same or next day) and you are welcome to accompany me on the day as well. If you are present then I will point things out of note as we go along. The written report is a standard part of the inspection, so you will still receive this whether you are present on the day or not.

The inspection service is charged by the hour for the actual inspection, plus a charge for travel. Since locations can be anywhere in the UK I will work out the total fee for you up-front on a per-inspection basis. I can visit cars at dealers or private sales - the service is the same either way. If you wish to limit the extent of the inspection we can do this by agreeing areas you want me to concentrate on in advance.

We are not presently able to carry out compression checks or do any checks that require disassembly of the vehicle but I will access as many areas of possible including using a borescope to review condition of inaccessible items such as those within the vee, or things that sit behind covers such as accessory and cambelts (as much as possible at least).


Recently inspected vehicles

Red Spider 105913 - September 2018 - Full Inspection & written report

Red Spider 104486 - September 2018 - Full Inspection & written report

Red Berlinetta 107008 - September 2018 - Full Inspection & written report

Red Spider - HWM - September 2018 - Short visual inspection only; written report not produced

Yellow Spider - HWM - September 2018 - Short visual inspection only; written report not produced

Green Berlinetta 105171 - December 2018 - Full inspection & written report