Parts - Hill Engineering produce a range of Ferrari parts including gear knobs, skid plates, tensioner bearings etc. - TUBI exhausts (links to Scuderia Systems, who are a UK distributor) - Ricambi offer a large range of parts. They can also provide Hill Engineering parts to US customers. - Valence manufacture a range of carbon fiber items. - Refinishing of various interior parts, tools etc.

Chat Forums / Technical Information - Chat forum, dedicated to Ferraris - Chat forum, dedicated to Ferraris - Chat forum, news, reviews. Dedicated italian car section - Quarterly Magazine, classifieds etc.

Ferrari "Official" - Ferrari owners club of Great Britain - Ferrari factory site - Ferrari owners site

UK Independents
Avro Motors (Surrey)
Cars International (London)
Castlefords (Surrey)
DK Engineering (Herts)
Duncan Hamilton (Hampshire)
Forza 288 (Dorset)
Foskers (Brands Hatch)
Gregor Fisken (London)
Hall & Bradfield (London)
Joe Macari (London)
Justin Banks (Cheshire)
Maxted-Page & Baxter (Essex)
Hollingworth (Worcs)
Nick Cartwright (Derbys)
Oakfields (Surrey)
250 SWB (London)
Bob Houghton (Glos)
Bramleys (Surrey)
Terry Keys (Silverstone)
Rardley Motors (Surrey)
Romans International (Surrey)
Rosneath Engineering (Sussex)
Kent High Performance (Kent)
Winchester Cars (Sheffield)
QV London