These things could all go back on the engine now. Firstly, the absolutely brilliant looking throttle quadrant. It's a shame this isn't visible when the engine is in the car as it came out looking fantastic in my opinion. Sorry about the focus again!

The re-plated clamps go back around the throttle body trumpets:

The CV boot heat shield mounts go back on above the gearbox output;

And I put the clutch heat shield mount back onto the clutch cover but I ended up removing it again later!

I also reinstalled the washers that I had replated which hold the fuel tank heat shield in place;

And reinstalled this mount which holds a couple of the amp connectors at the rear end of the right hand bank;

I also installed the throttle cable mount;

 I bought new P-clips for all parts of the engine and replaced the old rusty stuff. They aren't like for like as I think the originals were yellow passivated rather than clear passivated, but I could not find yellow ones easily so had to give up and go for the clear: