With the parts back from the plater, and the hubs already painted, I could carry out some reassembly.

First I removed all of the masking tape from the hubs and installed the block that supports the handbrake pull mechanism:

Then the re-plated flange is put on the back of the hub carrier and bolted through to the hub and bearing;

Next the ARB drop link mount is bolted onto the top of the hub carrier;

I purchased new handbroke shoes as the existing ones were showing some wear. Here I found that Superformance were asking the same price as the main dealer for these, so I was able to get a set that were exactly the same specification at half the price from www.brakeparts.co.uk

The shoes were bolted to the carrier, making sure that the two unequal length bolts were put in the correct locations and the handbrake assembly was added;

After a cleanup of the springs and the adjuster, these were also added (sorry about the focus here);

This left the hubs ready for assembly onto the car and therefore they were put to one side for the time being.