The CV heat shields just needed cleaning and repainting:

The clutch heat shield was a bit more involved and in fact I did it in two parts because I later decided I didn't like the finish having just painted over the existing surface. Firstly, I removed the heat shield material - this was riveted in place. Then I remove the clips that hold the shield on at the bottom. Again these were riveted on:

Also the foam padding was removed from the inside (it's glued on) - already loosened here:

I then cleaned it all up and painted it, but didn't like the finish;

So I sanded it black, put some filler on, and sanded and repainted:

I still think it could have been better but the material seemed a bit difficult to work with and bodywork isn't really my forte so I stuck with the result I got second time. I imagine it doesn't look all that different in the pictures anyway!