So the disassembly had to stop at some point, and the spending had to resume!

I ordered a whole bunch of stuff that I knew I would definitely need. It wasn't cheap; nothing ever is when it's Ferrari related. I might post all the costs in a final article - not decided yet.

Inlet manifold gaskets;

Suspension bushes, ARB bushes, CV to diff locking plates, exhaust manifold nuts, one lower wishbone bolt.

2 new gas struts for holding up the engine cover. Existing ones had lost their gas and were unable to support the weight of the hood.

Diff oil seals and large o-rings, exhaust manifold gaskets, exhaust sealing donuts:

Handbake cable:

Anti-roll bar drop links;

CV boots (yes this delivery came before I rebuilt the CV joints even though that article is in the past - there was a gap between the repaint and the rebuild):

Engine and gearbox mounts;