With all of the various components disconnected, the next step is to lower the car onto the engine dolly so that it takes all of its weight. Care needs to be taken to ensure that nothing gets trapped or bent during this process and that the dolly safely takes the full weight of the car. I wanted to make sure that the oil fitting I cut a recess for located properly, and that the engine subframe was outboard of the dolly, so that it could easily be removed later. The last thing I wanted to do was have to readjust everything once the engine was out of the car.

So here's the car sitting on the dolly. It is still supported by the lift here as well, but all of the weight is on the steel frame of the dolly and ultimately its castors.

From this side view you can see that the position of the lift base is critical in relation to the castors:

I didn't plan this - I just got a bit lucky.