The electronically adjustable dampers each have small red motor on the top. These have to be disconnected from the wiring loom as they stay on the dampers when the engine is dropped. I would later remove them entirely when I removed the dampers for refurbishment but for now I left them on top of the dampers.

Each motor has a small white plastic clip that stops the connector from coming loose. These have to be removed before the connector can be disconnected.

ABS Sensors

The ABS sensors are connected inside the inner wing behind the plastic liners which were removed at the start of the process. These must also be disconnected as the sensors, fitted to the hubs, obviously come away with the cradle when it is dropped. Each is a small white bullet type connector - follow the wire from the sensor on the hub to find them. The image below is the left hand side - you can just see the top of the fuel filter below it.