There is a connection to the fuel vapour canister that needs to be removed. This can be seen connected and then disconnected in the following two images. The connector has a clip built in (you squeeze the white bit if I recall correctly):

There are two fuel line connections that need to be removed. These come out from the top of the fuel block by undoing the central nut:

I strapped these up out of the way to prevent fuel leakage:

You might want to put something over the top of the block to prevent any dirt getting in. Note that this connection arrangement is the modification that was the subject of a recall back in 2009. Previously the connections were JIC- style which required an aluminium nut to be tightened over the connection, and people tended to over tighten them resulting in fuel leakage and fires. The new push fit style ones can't be over-tightened and are much better.