I had already bought new Magnecore plug leads last year, so they were good and could go straight back on. First the plug leads go in and, referring back to the photos I took of the coil packs when I disconnected everything, I reconnected the leads to the coil packs.

Next is to fit the gasket for the plug leads. You might recall earlier on I mentioned that the middle bit really shouldn't have been powder coated and with them having done it it the tolerances were always going to have changed a bit but we got away with it and the plug covers fitted OK, albeit a little more snug than before.

Gasket on:

Plug cover fitted, complete with new cap head allen bolts.

The plug leads attach to the engine frame via these clips:

I separated the metal parts from the clips and powder coated them. The clips are like the ones on the air injection panel - they have a central pin you push out which then allows the clip to be removed from the metal base. After powder coating we got this:

And now back on the subframe complete with new hardware: