A few things to tidy up here, getting the various bits of the loom reattached to the frame and reinstalling the coil packs on the sides of the frame.

As with other places, I used new clips and yellow passivated nuts when reinstalling the loom. The loom itself has been cleaned using the same technique as I used elsewhere - a spray and wipe with WD40 on a cloth. This was quite effective over how it looked previously, even though in the pictures it might still look a bit dirty as there isn't anything you can do to make it look like new other than replacing it, which I certainly wasn't going to do as part of this exercise since there was nothing wrong with it.

This is the starter feed connection:

Coil packs bolted back onto the frame. Looking a little dusty here.

Various other parts of the loom reattached;

Auxiliary connector mounted back in place;

CV Boot heat shields reinstalled;

Damper Motors;

You can see here in the background that the connections to the coil packs from the ECU have been reconnected, but I haven't yet put the plug leads themselves back on.