This is a simple enough job and it reduced the amount of space stuff was taking up, so worth doing at this point even though they would be one of the last things to go back on the car.

For the air boxes, start with a lower section;

Put the filters back in the bottom. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what purpose these serve but that's where they go, so that's where I put them!

I bought new air filters from Superformance. I was thinking of switching to K&N or something but it just didn't seem worth the cost given the mileage the car does. In the image below you can see the old air filter in the background. That filter is a tubistyle one; it was supplied as part of a package when I bought the Tubi exhaust and decat pipes. The exhaust and pipes are long since gone as I went back to standard, but the filters survived and are certainly ripe for replacement.

Air filter goes in next;

And then the lid is screwed on. Now it goes off to one side to wait for reinstallation.

Also done around the same time was the side panels. There's a sticker on the left one and two plates to be fixed onto the right hand one. I don't seem to have a photo of the sticker so you'll have to trust me on that. Here's the right hand one. Offering up the plates first and checking the rivet sizes:

This might seem a bit extreme but sometimes the rivet gun jumps and scratches the finish: