Boards have arrived and one unit assembled with a test fit inside the box.

Boards took a day extra to be delivered as I was out and then DHL redelivered to the wrong address, but they are now here!

I had ten boards made to give me a chance to experiment a bit. Since the cost is only about £2 difference between 1 board and 10 boards, it was really a no-brainer. Here's a shot of a single board. You can see by comparison with the home etched version how muich smaller it is able to be.


Next up is a fully assembled unit with cables connected and ready for a bit more testing.

And finally a test fit inside the box. Cables will have to be unsoldered to get it in there. As you can see this is an original CAT ECU box with all the guts dug out. I need to do a bit of work on the cabling, put holes in the ends for the USB port and the two cables, then unsolder the cables and pass them through the holes before putting them back onto the board. The yellow and orange cables are going to change as they are too thin, and they'll be soldered horizontally rather than vertically.

I may revise the layout of the PCB a little as it was a bit tricky to get it all soldered in with sufficient clearances, but what I have should be adequate for the time being.

The final step for a complete test unit is to fill it with potting compound, but I'm reluctant to do this just yet as it's an irreversible step and I have only one thermcouple unit at the moment. Can easily order more of course, but I haven't done that yet as I'd prefer to put a larger order in for discount purposes.

This unit is going on the car. I'll pad the board with foam initially  and tape it all in place so I can still get to it later, and then I can take the car for an MOT. A valid MOT means on road testing becomes possible so I'm looking forward to that.