Android software update...

I've just uploaded a video of the Android software running on my Nexus 5. This is still prototype stuff so it's not going to look exactly as it does now, but hopefully it gives a flavour of what is to come. The screen shows a few buttons, most of which will disappear, and a few other fields - all of which will go. There are two charts that are the main guts of the application. The Red chart shows the left hand ECU and the blue chart shows the right hand one.

Each chart shows the last 100 readings, and auto scales to the largest and smallest in the 100 readings. This is why you see a slope from one corner to the other while the car is warming up.

There are a few points where I stick in a small number of revs - you can see how the cat temperatures react to that. And then at the end there's some of the cooldown period where I've shut off the engine but left the ignition in position 2 before I eventually close the recording.

Car sounds a lot rougher than it really is - the mobile phone mic is pretty awful and the audio seems to be heavily compressed.

As you can see the right had cat lags behind the left one on temperature a little bit. When the car is cold they are within about 3 degrees of each other at 20 degrees celsius. But at times they reach around 35-40 degrees difference, with the left always being hotter than the right. This may or may not have something to do with occasional poor idle. I have some new plug leads on the way as replacing the coil packs made a huge difference to the performance and the leads are the original ones and therefore same age as the coil packs (nearly 20 years old - car is a 1997).

Anyway, on to the video. Here it is:

Cat ECU Bluetooth Demo Video