Final test run this weekend.

 I completed a final test run this weekend with the software modifications I mentioned in my last update. Everything worked as planned and there were no instances of the slowdown light flicker at all. The log file confirms that in 4 out of 10,000 samples the same invalid reading occurred as mentioned in the last update. This time there were no flashes of the slow down light so my software change has dealt with that small issue successfully. It is with only a small amount of reservation that I therefore pronounce version 1 of the module a success!

I now intend to embark on version 2, which as previously mentioned is going to be bluetooth enabled. I have bluetooth modules ready to go, and should be able to make them up with the existing circuit boards I've already got.

I also have a couple of boxes that I had 3d printed to match the orignals - the first bluetooth version is going to go in one of those and be installed on the right hand side of the car in place of the existing OEM module (which is not faulty, but I'm going to replace it anyway). It'll be interesting to see if there are any significant differences in temperatures between the right and left hand side of the car.

I'm also going to add a zero based time offset into the output data so that I can match the output from the two sides up properly.

So the fun resumes...