Some news on the software side of things.

 To be honest I thought I'd finished the software side of things, having tested the unit on the car and then added a couple of test modes.

But then the ideas started flowing...

I think I'm just about finished now, bar a few minor tweaks to the details, but here are the features of the firmware:

  • Standard "Run Mode" which replicates the behaviour of the OEM unit

  • Test mode 1 -pushes the output temperature up to a point where the slow down light should flash

  • Test mode 2- pushes the output temperature up to a point where the slow down light should go solid and a bank should be cut (I haven't verified that the bank is cut yet but the light is verified to go solid).

  • Fix the output at a hard coded temperature. You could use this if for example the thermocouple goes bad and you're stuck for a replacement.

  • Configure the side (LEFT or RIGHT) - helps with logging output if you're watching both sides at the same time.

  • Set thermocouple sensitivity - this is the number of seconds the thermocouple must be failing to read a value before a fault is registered via the slowdown light. Might be useful for handing poor connection issues with the thermocouple.

  • Set an upper temperature limit. The defaut is the max allowable of 1100 degrees centigrade, but you can limit it to a lower value if you like. There is also a factory reset option to restore back to the hard coded default.

  • Save configuration to the EEPROM, so it is remembered after ignition off.

The settings are menu driven, and are accessed using a serial port (currently 9600, 8, N, 1)


It seems to be shaping up pretty well, but sadly my order of the potting compound was lost in the post so this weekend I failed to make progress on packaging the hardware more permanently. 3D printed boxes should be here this week I expect - they had an 11 day delivery estimate.